My Education

Sacramento State
Driven to delve deeper into technology, I enrolled in the Computer Engineering program at California State University, Sacramento. This challenging and stimulating program is honing my skills, and I eagerly anticipate the practical, real-world applications of the knowledge I'm gaining
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Sacramento City College
After several years in various fields, I returned to academia at 26, attending Sacramento City College. There, I pursued an education in Cybersecurity and Information Assurance, setting the foundation for my career in technology.
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High School Experience
In a small town high school in Pioche, Nevada, I discovered my love for hands-on classes like wood-shop and building construction. An enriching year at Blackfoot High School, Idaho, sparked my interest in technology when I created a basic computer game in an elective class.
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Sacramento State

Sac City College

As a current student at California State University, Sacramento, I’m pursuing a degree in Computer Engineering, a program with deep roots in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering. My studies cover a broad spectrum from software design and programming languages to circuit theory and hardware design. In particular, the program excels in areas like computer architecture, computer hardware, logic design, digital signal processing, and networking.

Sacramento State was a pioneer in offering a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering in California, and I am proud to be part of this tradition. This unique degree is the product of a joint program sponsored by the Computer Science Department and the Electrical & Electronic Engineering Department, providing me with an enriched and balanced education. I’m developing a comprehensive understanding of the field, from constructing intricate computer systems to designing innovative software solutions. This holistic education is equipping me with the skills to excel in the world of Computer Engineering

As a student at Los Rios, I joined the Cybersecurity and Information Assurance program, an initiative designed to empower IT professionals with the necessary skills to protect data and infrastructure. My curriculum focused on cyber defense best practices, risk mitigation, and disaster recovery planning. Not only did I learn how to configure network firewalls and system permissions, but I also grasped the subtleties of balancing security with user accessibility.

A significant portion of my studies was devoted to understanding, preventing, and mitigating potential security threats. Further reinforcing my professional credibility. This comprehensive education has equipped me to apply my knowledge and experience in risk management and digital forensics effectively. I’m now capable of using software analysis techniques, cloud management, and networking strategies to prevent, detect, and mitigate cyberattacks, thereby safeguarding infrastructure and securing data.

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