My Professional Experiences

School Projects
In my academic journey, I've taken on challenging projects to solidify my learning. I developed a Python script that utilized regular expressions to validate password complexity, ensuring they met stringent requirements. Furthermore, I designed a Python-based port scanner for efficient network analysis, enhancing security by identifying open ports on both a local computer and the website.
Asset Protection Specialist
As an Asset Protection Specialist, I actively prevent financial loss due to theft and fraud, ensuring safety and environmental compliance across multiple stores. My responsibilities range from identifying theft incidents and auditing electronic article surveillance, to preparing detailed case reports for law enforcement. I play a pivotal role in driving a loss elimination culture within the store.
Correctional Officer
In my previous role as a Correctional Officer, I conducted thorough investigations in compliance with the Nevada Department of Corrections' (NDOC) policies. I pursued inmates to prevent escape and ensure the safety and security of staff and the public. In addition, I maintained certifications for all equipment used in law enforcement duties.
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Asset Protection

Python Projects

As an Asset Protection Specialist, my role is multifaceted, encompassing a variety of tasks that ensure the financial stability and safety of the store I’m assigned to. My primary objective is to prevent financial losses caused by theft and fraud, a role that requires constant vigilance and a keen eye for detail.

In order to achieve this, I utilize a range of tools and strategies to minimize loss to the company. This includes identifying incidents of theft and fraud, reviewing CCTV footage and exception reports, and conducting audits of the Electronic Article Surveillance system. Additionally, I monitor the store’s physical security measures and enforce compliance with safety and environmental programs.

A significant part of my role also involves preparing detailed case reports and preserving evidence for law enforcement. This requires a careful, methodical approach and a commitment to accuracy. I am often called upon to testify in both criminal and civil court cases, further underscoring the importance of my role in maintaining the store’s security.

In a broader sense, my role as an Asset Protection Specialist extends beyond loss prevention – it’s about fostering a culture of security and responsibility within the store. By creating a safe and secure environment, I contribute to the store’s overall performance and customer satisfaction

As part of my ongoing exploration in technology, I’ve undertaken a number of intriguing projects, each adding a new dimension to my skill set. One such venture was the development of a Python-based password validator. This script assesses the strength of passwords stored in a text file, leveraging regular expressions to ensure complexity requirements are met, such as character length and the inclusion of both uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters.

Another project that honed my skills was the creation of a port scanner, also written in Python. This tool identifies open ports on a local computer or specific websites, like, using socket programming for efficient network analysis. This not only broadened my understanding of network security but also added a practical tool to my cybersecurity arsenal.

One of my most recent projects involves the creation of a QR Code Generator. It’s a simple yet powerful Python script that generates QR codes from user input. The script is designed with a user-friendly interface and can generate QR codes for various types of data, such as URLs, text, email addresses, and more. This project further expanded my proficiency in Python and gave me an insight into the practical applications of QR technology.

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